Hello and welcome to New Shores Migration!

My name is Andrey, I am a licensed immigration adviser (#202000213) and director with New Shores Migration, and I have been in the same boat with most of our valued clients who come to seek my counsel. I came to New Zealand as a migrant in 2002 and have been calling it home since then.

Background in languages (BA) and law (LLB) enables my insight into intricacies of New Zealand immigration law, whereas my other qualification, Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice, ensures the advice you receive is accurate and timely, and your interests are duly protected.

As a Provisionally licensed Immigration Adviser, I use the expertise of the supervisor and, in essence, you are offered twice the quality service which is at the same time quite affordable. 

You can book your free 30-minute consultation here to discuss your case and find a satisfactory solution to it.