Partner has resident visa/citizenship

If your supporting partner is a New Zealand citizen or has a residence class visa

  • you may be eligible for visitor, student, work and resident visas (as well as limited and interim visas)
  • New Zealand partners must stay in New Zealand for the same time period as the applicants
  • visa duration depends on the time spent living together in a partnership
    • Time spent – less than 12 months       Visa duration – up to 12 months
    • Time spent – more than 12 months    Visa duration – up to the length of the stay intended (max. 24 months)

Who may be considered eligible to support their partners for residence?

Partners of New Zealand citizens and holders of residence class visas, only if the following apply.

  1. Partnership requirements for residence class visas are met (please see above).
  2. The supporting partner is of good character.
  3. The applicant meets health and character requirements 
  4. The supporting New Zealand partner is eligible.

To check eligibility, follow the flow chart answering the questions.

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