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We are licensed

Which means you are protected when you use our immigration adviser services

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Our immigration adviser holds the qualification of Level 7 Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice

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We provide sensible explanation to the fees we charge and we do not charge you for such extras as a luxury office.

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We will stay with you throughout the whole journey and will not give up until a satisfactory solution is reached

Immigration advice essentials

It is our pleasure to serve your needs and provide professional immigration adviser services, whether you would like to settle in New Zealand permanently, study towards a qualification, perhaps with a view to stay in an employment which benefits the country’s economy, have your family join you or simply immerse in an unsurpassed beauty of New Zealand natural environment, enjoy vibrant city life or a combination of both.

Why use our immigration consultancy services?

We are licensed, which means you the are protected.

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Licensing for immigration advisers became compulsory in 2007 with the new law passed in that year. The New Zealand government back then got extremely concerned with numerous incidents where migrants were specifically targeted by scammers who overcharged them, gave wrong, misleading advice which only aggravated their situation. Acknowledging the vulnerability of migrants, the government passed the law (Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007) which regulates immigration advisers and establishes strict sanctions for providing immigration advice without a licence. We offer quality service and will go to great lengths to ensure all nuances have been take into consideration before we lodge your application so that it is accepted by Immigration New Zealand, and the hassle-free processing starts immediately. Naturally, it is expected on your part that all relevant information is made known before we apply, otherwise the case can become more complicated.

For example, Immigration New Zealand will need to know about all previous visa declines and if the applicant does not inform about it beforehand, their visa application may be declined on character grounds and any further applications would require a character waiver. In the worst-case scenario, they may be found to be committing an offence spelled out in the Immigration Act 2009 and face serious punishment.

The same holds true of character or health issues, which, if become known after the grant of a visa, may lead to the visa cancellation and the deportation of the person who provided false information.

The best policy in all immigration matters is, no doubt, honesty. Whilst it may be quite common for most to forget about insignificant details, it is the immigration advisor’s job to seek the most comprehensive information from the applicant and then leave no stone unturned to ensure the application is a success.

Why are our prices lower than average?

Our prices are competitive for a few good reasons.

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• We are a competent team of professionals who prioritise client care, rather than paying our our bills. While it is not unusual for a consultancy in the industry to get off to a good start only to lax in care considerably after the business is settled, our approach is totally different, with full dedication to client care throughout. And this makes us truly unique.

• Although relatively new on the block, we, by contrast, strive to surround you with care from the start until your visa is approved and beyond that, as you may require assistance, or just a quick word of advice, with your next visa application or one for your family. We will follow up on your query until a satisfactory solution is secured.

• Being enthusiastic, professional and caring makes us different and allows to keep our prices at their current, affordable level.

• Last but not least, we will not charge you to pay for a luxurious office in a prime location. Keeping the cost low means not having the clients pay extra. New Zealand is well known in the world as a place where

- it is very easy to start and run a business, and

- businesses are transparent, which means you can easily check online whether the immigration adviser service you are going to use is licensed, and consequently professionally qualified.

Having checked this out, you may rest assured you are protected by the government licensing system and further possibilities to escalate your worries to the Immigration Authority and Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

Why would I need an immigration adviser to help me?

The answer to this question is simple: for peace of mind and timely achievement of your goals.

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Most probably, you are quite capable of dealing with your own immigration matters. In fact, most people can complete a visa application, communicate with an Immigration New Zealand case officer, receive an approval, or a decline.

In some instances, however, an immigration consultant may come in handy.

These are, to name but a few,

- when you have been fist served with what is called PPI, or a letter containing potentially prejudicial information. This means does not mean you have been declined, but it requires urgent action on your part as Immigration New Zealand is awaiting explanation on what may, if left unexplained, really be a reason for a decline. You are expected to respond to all the points raised by the case officer and provide satisfactory comments, and in plentiful detail.

- when you are unaware of your visa expiry. A lot of bona fide visa holders believe they cannot become unlawful while their visa is being decided, which is a mistake that may cost one a lot of sleepless nights. A classic example of when you need to be especially wary of your possible visa expiry is when you apply for a residence class visa still holding a temporary class one, for example, a work visa. A solution is to make a request under section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009.

- when health or character waiver is required. A current health issue or a previous conviction does not necessarily mean you will not be granted the visa you are seeking. On the contrary, with the right advocacy and compelling evidence on hand, the competent immigration adviser may be able to make a strong case in support of your application. Logical, convincing correspondence to the case officer, clearly outlining your special circumstances and highlighting your later law-abiding history (as in case with a former character issue) will be required to ensure success.

- generally, when time is not on your side. It is the worst nightmare one can think of when you are put in time constraints to answer INZ concerns, to provide evidence, and the like. Thinking clearly at this moment is of paramount importance, whereas if your judgement is somewhat clouded because of stress you are under, it can lead to the deadline not being met and bigger problem and more stress eventually.

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  • Simple as it may seem, in reality a visa application process may not always be straightforward.

  • Minor details often play a major role, and just at the very moment you think the application is bound to be approved, you receive a letter from your Immigration Officer who would like you to provide clarification on, say, your job duties, or details of your relationship with your partner, or the earlier decline of a visa to a third country, or the health condition of your dependant, to name but a few.

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    Whereas being a bona fide applicant you will surely be able to provide the requested information, you may need to factor in time constraints as it is not unusual for visa applicants to feel overwhelmed when faced with unexpected complications of what you initially thought would be a walk in the park. It is no less essential to answer all concerns raised by the Immigration Officer to avoid further delays.

  • The bottom line is – you should tread carefully, but at the same time avoid procrastination. New Shores Migration team can help you with this leading you through the whole process, starting with initial consultation till the grant of your visa.

  • Our professional team of immigration experts will attend to your immigration matters in a time-efficient way using expertise in the most intricate immigration cases to guarantee accurate, relevant immigration advice

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